Rhonda K. Goodall is a painter living in Louisville, KY.  From her passionate support of the arts to her charitable and civic activities, Goodall is a beloved pillar of the community.   She is the principal and owner of her own consulting firm, Rhonda Goodall – Cre8ive Soulutions, that operates out of Goodall Gallery in the heart of the Clifton neighborhood.  She received her B.S. in Design from Eastern Kentucky University.  Her intuitive approach to art and design naturally ushered her into the forefront of a burgeoning, holistic faction of visionaries evolving the way humans inspire and inhabit spaces. 

Goodall’s paintings are the way she moves through the world; they are a concise expression of natural systems and the complex nuance of human emotion.  She awakens in one ideas they have yet to consider, revealing the true essence of life and channeling abundant heart energy onto canvas.